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Are you looking for a property in Tuscany?

Immocasa can assist you in your search for Toscan property. If you let us know your criteria thanks to our network we will be pleased to find the best property for you, give you professional advice on fiscal and technical aspects about the purchasing, sale, renovation or leasing of properties. In this page you find some informations about our services and about the common Real Estate aspects in Italy. For more informations, contact us, we will be happy to assist you.


We are pleased to offer you a variety of professional services which are designed to guide you through every aspect of the location, purchase and maintenance of a property in Italy. Our objective is to make our clients well informed buyers. The following information show the most important aspects of the process of purchasing a property in this country. The more you know about this process, the more enjoyable and satisfying your experience will be.

Remember, Italian law does not place any legal restriction upon the purchase of property within its borders by non-citizens.

In the case that the buyer chooses to use a real estate agent in order to locate a property and to negotiate its sale, the buyer should make certain that the agent is licensed to conduct business by the local Chamber of Commerce.

Step 1: COMPROMESSO (Preliminary Contract)

In some cases the buyer is required to provide a formal written offer (proposta) for the property. They may also be required to put down a bank cheque held in escrow to secure the property, which becomes binding if the offer is accepted.

Upon an offer being accepted, the agent will often produce a memorandum of sale to send to all parties involved. This serves to help the professionals involved draw up the preliminary contact (compromesso).

The buyer’s solicitor and/or geometra will undertake initial searches, check conformity with permissions and regulations, and check for any pre-emption rights. He will then work with the notary (notaio) and the vendor’s solicitor to produce the compromesso, and when signed by all parties this will be lodged with the notary.

Usually a deposit of 20 to 30% of the purchase price is exchanged between buyer and seller at Compromesso. Agent’s fees under Italian law are payable both by the buyer and by the seller (3% + IVA for seller and 3% + IVA for buyer), and these may be payable upon the exchange of the Compromesso.

Step 2: ROGITO NOTARILE (Final Contract)

Following compromesso, the notary will undertake any final necessary searches, tie up any loose ends, and prepare the final contract.

If the vendor is found to have not declared any important information, the purchaser may withdraw. However, if the purchaser withdraws after compromesso without just cause they lose their deposit. If the vendor withdraws after compromesso, a penalty of twice the deposit level is paid to the purchaser. Please be aware that damages could also be requested from either side under certain circumstances. Upon signature of the final contract (rogito notarile), the purchaser pays the remaining sum to the vendor, the notary’s fees (circa 1%) which are mandatory, the solicitor’s fees (if applicable), purchase tax (stamp duty) and any remaining agent’s fees. Please note that the purchase tax due will differ on every sale and should be calculated on an individual basis. The notary, upon final signing of the contract, will transfer legal title of the property at the Ufficio delle Entrate and register the change at the land or building registry.


Italian purchase taxes have just been changed Since the 1st of January of 2014 the tax was fortunately lowered for individuals, who are purchasing a property in Italy. When an Italian or a foreign purchaser, who does not own other properties in Italy, acquires a property for residential purposes and takes official residency in the municipal area where the property is located, the tax levied on such purchase amounts to 2% of the tax value (=valore catastale) of the property (before was 3%). This tax value is usually much lower than the actual purchase price. In any other circumstance, as for a “second home”- purchase the property tax amounts now to 9% (before was 10%) of the tax value for the building and 17% for the land. In addition to the purchase tax the buyer pays the notary fee which is based on the sale price and which is contemporarily paid to the notary with the signing of the contract..

Remember, Italian law does not place any legal restriction upon the purchase of property within its borders by non-citizens.


In Italy real-estate agents receive a commission from both the buyer and the seller. Generally, agents collect 3% from each side for a total of 6% commission. This percentage can be negotiated. When billing the buyer or the seller, Immocasa must include an additional tax of 22% (added value tax) to the commission.
Our services and fees


IMMOCASA also consult for clients wanting an introduction to the area. This may include viewing of properties on their and other agent’s lists, with the pros and cons discussed from a living or potential rental point of view. This is a service for clients who wish to assess the general suitability of purchasing property in Italy. The charge for this service is EUR 80.00 per hour, an amount that would subsequently be deducted from the commission should a property be purchased through our agency. Again when billing, IMMOCASA must include an additional tax to this fee.


Management fees are based on the value of the individual property, the size and the distance from Florence. An average apartment has a monthly management fee of EUR 175.00. The agency will bill the owner monthly with the added value tax of 22% added. This fee would cover: organising cleaning and general maintenance plus a weekly inspection including mail collection. In addition we will organise billing and banking management, providing each client with private access to an up-to-date accounting sheet available 24 hours a day via our web site. Extra fees would be charged to cover: gardeners, accountants for income tax returns, attending condominium meetings, supervising the repairing of any emergency and any requested renovations. Examples of additional management services and the fees:

Client, friend and family check-in and check-out in Florence: EUR 35.00 per hour. Late night check-ins after 6.30 p.m. until a maximum of 10.30 p.m.: EUR 100.00 per hour Registering the client/friend/family with the police in accordance to the Italian law of 1978 for anti-terrorism: EUR 25.00 The general consulting fee for rental information and advice is Euro 35.00 per hour. All of the above prices are subject to 22% value added tax.

Pistoia. Lot with planning permission to realize a nice country house. Euro 70.000 Rif.P192

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Pistoia. Lot with planning permission to realize a nice country house. Euro 70.000 Rif.P192
PISTOIA In a beautiful position, in the countryside of the medieval city of Pistoia, and to 40 minutes from Florence and Lucca, in Tuscany.  



We propose this property consisting in a lot of 2000 square meters in a beautiful area with woods, not too isolated from other houses, with the permission to build a small country house for about 60 square meters on one level (ground floor).

It is possible to realize a swimming-pool.



                P192 PLANIMETRIA




“Piazza Della Sala” in Pistoia, the heart of the nightlife in the city. Since the Spring until the Autumn,  the many bars and restaurants in tuscan style open their terraces outside to let enjoy the nice weather during an “aperitivo” and dinners to the many italians and foreigners clients…


Toscana, colonica, casale in pietra. 900 square meters + Terreno. Euro 900.000 Rif. PR171

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Toscana, colonica, casale in pietra. 900 square meters + Terreno. Euro 900.000 Rif. PR171

In a beautiful panoramic position, in the countryside close to Florence and Prato, 30 minutes far from the Florence Airport, we offer this property with land.

The property consists in 2 buildings and 170.000 square meters of land, part with olive and fruits trees and the biggest part a woods where are also rests of an ancient “Convento” (1090’s).
The structure lends itself perfectly for an extended family or even to be part of making income through holiday rentals.

CONTRIBIn the old main house (built in 1.100 ca.) the surface of the basement, ground floor and the first floor is spread about 500 square meters and it’s divided in 2 indipendent houses that can be splitted in more units thanks the fact that there are 4 access doors to the building and internally is organized with 3 kitchens with fire place, 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 3 cellars in the basement and 2 panoramic terraces. The facade is in ancient original stones as the ancientest kitchen in which you find a nice brick arc.


The second building was originally the barn and has been recently completely renovated as residential house and has got 3 access doors and is organized with 1 kitchen, 3 living-rooms (one with the fire place and one with an open mezznine), 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, cellar, laundry.

In this building there is also a spacious rural annex used in the past for the small private frantoio, but can be use as huge garage or to be renovated as another apartament.
It is possible to build a swimming pool.


Tuscany. Property in Chiantishire. Ref. F111

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Tuscany. Property in Chiantishire. Ref. F111

Beautiful Tuscan property with swimming-pool 30 minutes far away from Florence town.

The property has pleasant view on his 4 sides, surrounded by vineyards, olives tree and a nice bush.

To have more information, contact us to receive the log-in details.


Price per square meter for the lease of buildings for logistics in Europe

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A study on the prices of leases of buildings for logistics, were evaluated prices per square meter of real estate in major European cities.

The average prices are between 50 and 80 euro per sq.m.

The most expansive cities are Zurich (123 € / sqm), Oslo (130 € / sqm), Stockholm (108 € / sqm), Moscow (102 € / sqm), London (87 euro / sqm), St. Petersburg (84 euro / sqm)

Italy is now very convenient: Rome (53 euro / sqm) Milan (52 euro / sqm).